A Conversation with Author, Poet, Sculptor & Visual Artist Edward D. Currelley

Lorraine Currelley
3 min readJul 20, 2020
Author and Poet Edward D. Currelley. Photo credit Michael Turton

Recently I had the opportunity and pleasure to conduct a virtual interview with author and poet Edward D. Currelley. Our interview took place at his office where he can be found daily, at his computer, laptop, or writing in
one of his many notebooks.

When writing about a specific subject he delves into research. Notebooks line his office shelves filled with carefully detailed notes. He is focused and does not allow himself to become distracted when working. Scheduling an appointment works best. He admits there are times he becomes engrossed in the project at hand and must force himself to take leave of his work.

I wanted to know the person behind the author, poet, artist and sculptor. I wanted readers to get to know and connect with the person, the human connect. He’s accessible, has a great sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. He is a person of many talents. In addition to being a writer he is a visual artist and sculptor. His works are in public as well as private collections.

How are you navigating Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Very carefully, taking all precautions; wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and not leaving home unnecessarily.

Has your personal and creative life changed since the pandemic?

Life has changed drastically, writers often write in solitude, today we have no choice. What I can share is that my productivity level is at an all time high and my focus is wonderful; that is of course, if I don’t allow myself to become distracted by the lunacy of government at the highest level and in the world.

For those who may be unfamiliar with your writing, how would you describe it? (i.e. What topics are you most interested in exploring in your work? Are there any specific styles/genres you’re drawn to? )

Great question, I write poetry and fiction. I’m convinced that the two merge on certain levels. My work is founded in the humanities, with that I try to enlist the use of a lyrical narrative in the possibility of human connection by telling stories of hope and understanding. The style is and will remain free form prose.

Do you have a specific writing process or ritual?

Yes. Place ass to seat and get the job done, without excuses.

Who are some of your favorite writers?

To name a few, James Baldwin, Lorraine Currelley, Lorraine Hansberry, Abram Hill and John Irving.

Do you have any upcoming projects or projects you’re presently participating in that you can share with Medium readers?

I’m participating in three exciting literary projects. Climbing the Walls, a virtual exhibit and collaboration between Studio Theater in Exile, Mara
Mills and Jeremy Gratt, co-founders and Hudson Valley MOCA , co-founder Livia Straus and Jo-Ann Brody (HVMOCA staff.) Writing the Walls, Hudson Valley MOCA, Mara Mills , Livia Straus and Jo-Ann Brody Editors. Readers
can view My narrative poem Black Lives Matter and Always Have, part of RESISTANCE in DoveTales, Writing for Peace publishers, Carmel Mawle,

This sounds exciting. How can Medium readers connect for viewing?

Exhibits can be viewed by clicking on the links. below. I was introduced and had an opportunity to meet several artists through their work.

Climbing the Walls
www.studiotheaterinexile.com/climbing-the-walls or www.HudsonValleyMOCA.com

Writing the Walls

Resistance, DoveTales, Writing for Peace, publishers https://writingforpeace.org/resistance/

How can Medium readers learn more and contact you?

I can be contacted via Poets & Writers.Org, https://www.pw.org/directory/writers/edward_currelley

and my website: edwardcurrelley.wix.com/the-poet



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