January 06, 2021: This is You America!

Lorraine Currelley
3 min readJan 15, 2021

I watched as stunned and outraged American citizens, politicians and media hosts sat glued to their seats witnessing the January 6 attempted coup. I watched they looked into cameras terrified and in disbelieve. “This is not us, they exclaimed repeatedly as though it were a mantra.The reality America is, America this is you! A mirror was shined on America and reflected globally. The world witnessed USA homegrown terrorists assaulting the capital. America witnessed the terror African American citizens have always known and continue to suffer under a system of systemic racism. My thoughts went immediately to the Klu Klux Klan and other
White supremacist groups attacking African American families as they slept in
their beds and went about their daily lives.

This was not some foreign government attacking American. This was America’s sons and daughters. They scaled walls, breaking out windows, broke down doors, chased capital police officers upstairs, broke into the offices of government, destroyed and stole government property, and threatened government officials doing the peoples work sending them to seek safety. Media identified them as The Proud Boys, Women For America First, Qanon Supporters and The Silent Majority. Later photos surfaced with the faces of politicians, company heads, police officers and prominent citizens among the rioting terrorists. Information and images of terrorists surfaced daily. Allegations of insider collaboration and support along with knowledge by governmental agencies of the intended coup attempt. The world witnessed America enthralled in acts of terrorism America normally attributes to foreign governments. America was no longer the self proclaimed global moral compass.

These were not an organized group of peaceful protesters. This was an incited coup attempt orchestrated by their leader who told them to march on Washington and take the capital. A pack called to violence. A pack of thugs with one purpose only, and that purpose was to forcibly steal the election for their leader. Damn the constitution and the will of the people! This armed pack of thugs mob responding to the ego of a disgruntled crazed conspiracy theorist. A conspiracy theorist armed with lies and hatred for the laws of the
land. A delusional narcissist incapable of accepting the lost of the election and relinquishing of power. Power abused by someone who was unqualified. Out of touch with reality and supported by self serving enablers. Enablers sucking the blood of the American people. Enablers preferring to use their positions to disrupt justice and use their influence to line their pockets and the pockets of corporations, while ignoring the cries of the people. Ignoring the loss of jobs, evictions, health care, affordable education, decent wages and Covid-19, dismissing it as a hoax.

This is the king you crowned. An admitted supremacist, misogynist, sexual abuser of women and thieve. Who has heralded the separation of children from their parents and calling nations shit countries. Yet you remain in denial, unwilling to admit defeat and your wrong doing. This was a manifestation of America’s rooted foundation. One rooted in rape, pillage, murder, land grabs, enslavement, interment and genocide. “

The world witnessed a term spent appealing to the lowest bowels of human behavior. An unqualified conspiracy theorist supremacist whose very term was founded on hatred. The desperation of his cult like followers willing to join him in further dividing an already divided America and hopes of a race war and savior. One embraced by ideological supporters, who placed their bodies on the line and believe him still.

This behavior with its resulting terror and trauma was not new to me. I have witnessed White privilege and entitlement all of my life. I sat witnessing the audacity of entitlement and privilege played out without fear of repercussion. Black people live with generational terror and trauma and have since the enslavement of our enslaved African ancestors. I kept asking myself what if this mob were Black people? There is no question the world would have witnessed a different scenario being played out. Missing in action were the customary tanks, national guard, uniformed police in riot gear shooting peaceful protesters on sight. Where were the customary race soldiers? Those armed forces ready to brutalize, shoot and kill orderly citizens protesting decades of injustices? Once again I witnessed two divided Americas.

“No one is free unless we are all free. Equal justice must prevail for everyone. On January 20, 2021 a new president and vice-president will be sworn in. We must
hold them accountable and the politicians we have elected to do our business. We have witnessed what happens when those elected to do our business are left unchecked.”

© Lorraine Currelley 2021.



Lorraine Currelley

daughter/ancestor rooted intuitive writer/poet laureate/artist/curator/admin/mental health counselor& advocate